Good article on the history of Christians and epidemics

I found this article very helpful and would encourage you all to read it: What the Early Church Can Teach Us about Coronavirus. Here's a key quote: 

"The early church was no stranger to plagues, epidemics, and mass hysteria. In fact, according to both Christian and also non-Christian accounts, one of the main catalysts for the church’s explosive growth in its early years was how Christians navigated disease, suffering, and death."

Here's another article that the elders have found helpful: Riding Out the Storm Together.

The church is uniquely positioned to survive and even thrive under these conditions. But to do so will require love, compassion, and obedience that most of us have only lackadaisically applied before. Let us be known for our love in these times.

Rather than retreating into fear and panic, let us as a scattered church move toward the Lord, toward each other, and toward our neighbors in love in the midst of so much suffering and anxiety.