From Vern Poythress's commentary The Return of the King

A few key passages (other connections below): 

Rev 1:12-16 Ezek 1:25-28 Daniel 10:5-6 Daniel 7:9-10 Daniel 7:13-14
son of man like that of a man a man   son of man
robe   linen robe    
gold sash   gold sash    
white hair     white hair  
eyes like fire fire eyes like flame fire  
feet like bronze glowing metal gleaming bronze    
voice like rushing water sound like rushing water sound of a multitude    
stars in hand        

face like the sun


like lightning




Lampstands (=church): Tabernacle lampstands (Exodus 25:31ff)

Light/brilliance: "God is light and in him there is no darkness at all" (1 John 1:5)

Robe + Sash (priestly clothing): Exodus 28:8 (sash); 28:31ff (robe). 

Loud voice ("many waters"): Ezekiel 43:2

Sword + mouth: Isaiah 49:2