Sunday School

Every Sunday until June 18, 2023

9:00am – 10:00am

Christ the King Presbyterian Church  View Map

The adult and youth class, Side by Side Walking With Others In Wisdom And Love, is a class on how we need others and others need us. We’ll study the biblical teaching on how to face up to our needs and realize our desires, and how it takes a church to do both.

The session topics are:
1. Our needs and desires
2. Christianity is community
3. Thoughtful conversations
4. Friendship
5. Prayer
6. Spiritual disciplines

The class is based on the book, Side by Side, by Edward T. Welch. The book will not be used in class, but you are encouraged to purchase and read it. 

The children’s class, ages 4-11, will focus on how God creates families, beginning with the first family of Adam and Eve, and how God calls, leads, saves, and protects his people as he did for Noah and Abraham's families. Nursery will be provided for children through 3 years of age.