Worship at Home

Every Sunday until April 26, 2020

10:15am – 11:15am

Supporting Sunday Worship at Home

We want to help you continue to worship informally at home with your families and/or others on Sundays, which will continue to be a special day of worship and rest. We know that any kind of recording or livestream cannot ever replace the many blessings and benefits of gathering together for worship through Word and Sacrament. But the elders have agreed that Josh and I will work on an audio recording of a couple familiar songs, a prayer or two, and a more informal teaching. We are currently planning to broadcast this recording on Sunday mornings at 10:15a at our Youtube channel (where you can chat during the broadcast), and then leave it up for those who cannot join us in the morning. (I'll also post the recording into our podcast feed.) 

We will also be sending out chord/music sheets of the songs so you can sing along, or play them with your own instruments when you'd like. I will send out some discussion questions on the teaching passage for your family or gathering to use as aids for worship at home. Please try to read the Scripture passages ahead of time; this week is John 17. Diane Corley is planning on sending out some helps and resources for the parents of young children, including scans of the curriculum they would have been getting in their Bible class. You can find and download all these resources in this Google drive folder.

Broadcast of some songs, prayers, and teaching on Sundays at 10:15a here, during the Covid-19 crisis.

See here for resoures to aid in worship at home

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