An explanation of how our church leaders (elders) care for the congregation

And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Jeremiah 3:15

Jesus, the risen Son of God, is the Shepherd of his people. He cares for their material and spiritual needs. At Christ The King, we care deeply for everyone. Our spiritual leaders, called elders, teach and encourage loving God and others as part of all our ministries. Elders are called to shepherd the church under and through the loving authority of Jesus, the Great Shepherd. The specific purpose of our Shepherding Ministry is for each elder to know, pray for and care for every person in our church community. As a team, called the Session, the elders shepherd the church together, but so that each family and individual is intentionally cared for, we divide the congregation into groups and assign a group to each elder. An elder eventually gets to shepherd everyone over time as these “shepherding” groups are reorganized every two years.

The elder “shepherd” is there for the people in his group, seeking to share God’s Word and God’s love with them in whatever ways would help them to know Christ better. Most importantly the shepherd is praying regularly and often for each person in his group and their family members. The elder seeks to make regular contact with everyone in their group, asking if there are any ways he or CTK can help. Each elder is also supported by men and women with leadership, knowledge and experience in caring for others. We want everyone in our church community to know who their shepherding elder is. If you have questions about our shepherding ministry, contact