What to Expect

What to Expect at Sunday Worship Services for Christ the King Presbyterian Church (PCA) Austin, TX


When you arrive for our worship service, you can expect a warm welcome outside our foyer. We provide Bibles for anyone who didn't bring one as well as a printed Order of Service, which gives the basic elements of the worship service and provides an outline for note-taking during the sermon. 

What is the service like?

Our service begins promptly at 10:15am and ends right around 11:45am. 

Along with other churches rooted in the Protestant Reformation, our service is structured according to the biblical, historic pattern of approaching, praising, and hearing from God in worship:

  • Gathering: God gathers us to worship
  • Renewing: We confess our sins and God confirms his mercy
  • Committing: We dedicate our lives to God and each other
  • Proclaiming: God speaks to us
  • Communing: God confirms his Word through a meal
  • Sending: God sends us into the world 

We sing a mixture of historic and contemporary hymns, supported by acoustic guitar, strings (violin and/or cello), and percussion. 

What should I wear?

Our congregation is pretty casual — please feel free to dress however you feel comfortable. 

What about children?

We love children as they are an important part of our community. While we believe our children belong with us in worship, we realize that age-appropriate teaching can be very helpful. During the sermon, we have Bible Storytime for children ages 2-3 years  and a Bible Class for children ages 4-6 years. Nursery care is always available for children age 3 and under.

We are very committed to the safety of children entrusted to our care—when you sign your children into nursery, we will ask for a cell phone number in case we need to contact you during the service. Children can be signed out by the same adult who signed them in.

What about Communion?

Who? We welcome to the Communion meal all baptized Christians who belong to a gospel-preaching church and are trusting God’s promises in order to live more faithfully for Christ. Children who have been received by the governing body of their church are also welcome to receive Communion.  

How? As a symbol of our unity in Christ, we will together partake of each element after all are served in their seats. We provide gluten-free crackers in each tray, while the inner circle of cups contains grape juice for those who do not wish to drink wine.